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           Why  Choose Awesome Writing Coach Linda Kay Silva?

  • I ...
  • have been teaching all kinds of writing for 30 years.
  • teach at the university level, and if you want to check out what students have to say about me or my style, feel free to look up Linda Silva at COD, American Public University System, and Linn Benton Community College for unsolicited comments about me as an instructor.
  • have actually coached all sports, including football.
  • currently teach creative writing and screenwriting at the university level
  • am a 5 time award winning author of 6 different series and a book that was in the Holocaust Museum and the Wiesenthal Museum. This means I know how to make it happen.
  • LOVE helping other people. If I can't help you get better, I won't string you along. My integrity is more important to me than the all mighty dollar.
  • use Skype-like program called useloom where I go over your work and discuss the strengths and weaknesses with you. I share my desktop with you and you can actually see what comments or edit I am making and can ask questions or have a discussion with me!
  • excel at one-on-one classes from me about any area you need help in…plotting, characterization, world, building, etc. I have a couple of videos to the right of this screen as examples.
  • can help with career planning…where do you want to go and how can we get you there?
  • will work with you on query writing…the bane of our existence.
  • understand Branding and Marketing…the importance of knowing who you are and who your audience is.
  • will address problem areas…dialogue, plot holes, character development, etc.
  • train you on the use of social media, newsletters, etc. for marketing.
  • assist with formatting, grammar, the boring stuff that is vital to success
  • can coach you on anything else dealing with writing, publication, or the education of you.
  • have even offered up several different videos on this site if you want to see my style and what I have to offer. Feel free to join my newsletter so you can keep getting free help!