Writing Consultant


Award Winning Author



Career help

A writing career is more than one book and needs a plan. I can help shape one w/ you.

Character/Plot Development

One-On-One coaching will help you add layers and texture to your work.

Content editing

A rose isn't just a rose and someone who reads isn't an editor. Get your $$ worth with someone with decades of experience.

Some Wonderful Options

Branding & MArketing

It is NEVER too soon nor too late to start creating your brand and marketing plan. (Psst. FB is NOT a marketing plan)

You can dream, right?

I have a painting in my library that says It costs you nothing to dream and everything NOT to."​ So...what are you waiting for?

Options are us

Phone, Skype, Text, or Email. I will even teach a 30, 45 or 60 minute class just for you!

Your Time, Your Dime

Whatever your budget, I can make it work.

Manuscript overhaul

From concept to completion, we will make it sing like a canary!