First off, we have a conversation about what it is you feel you need, where you want to take your writing, what you think your strengths and are weakness, and how best I can help you.

Then we talk about what you want to spend and how you want to spend it. Let's face it, money is an issue. It is always an issue. I totally get that, which is why I am willing to work with everyone to meet your needs without breaking the bank. 

I do what I do well and fast because I have been doing this for decades. You will get an honest assessment and we will devise the best plan FOR YOU. There are no canned coaching lessons here and I don't sell any other service. This is important when deciding who to go to for help. Many companies offer editing, cover art, window washing, and landscaping (just kidding).

I don't.

I teach. I coach. I want to help YOU bring your writing to its fullest potential.

If there is a package you want to go for or if we should construct something different for you, we will talk about what suits your budget. 

We then have a conversation about how YOU learn best. This is where the greatest difference is between writers who don't teach and those who do. HOW everyone learns is vital toward success, so what works for Bob might  not work for Tom. Knowing how to teach different learning modalities is something educators know...not everyone else does.

After we've had the necessary conversations, you send me the first ten pages of your Work in Progress (WIP), and tell me what it is you want me to look at. I usually turn these around in 24 hours with comments about where I think we might want to go with it.

After that, we can assess how you wish to proceed.

How does that sound?

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